What happens with my photos

what happens with my photos after the wedding?
what happens with my photos after the wedding?

after the wedding?

Oof! The topic of deliverables is an important one so grab a beer, a glass of wine or a cup of joe and take a look at this. Seriously, for a lot of couples once the wedding is done and it’s the next day, as soon as the clock strikes the first minute and still hungover… Instinct drives them to reach for their phone, look for the photographer’s contact and ask the million dollar question: “Are the photos ready yet?” Even though they’re excited it’s worth it to be a bit patient and wait for those memories that they’ll have for a lifetime!

Think about a bespoke suit. A really fancy one. Those that need artisans specialized in things such as the best way to sew on buttons. It’s basically the same process that’s going on with your wedding photos. It’s not about getting to a Zara and grabbing the first shirt that you find even if it falls apart on the first washing cycle, but rather about waiting enough to have something that is designed, created, thought of and 100% personalized for you, for your partner, to live again those instants that you’ll treasure forever and so that, no matter how much time passes by, they remain present and full of life.

Photographs are not just images, they’re the perfect way to tell a story that happens within just a few hours and that stays in your memory for the rest of your life. You’d also make an effort for them to turn out perfect, right? So that’s why…

Let’s make poetry together

O rather, let’s design an art gallery that will become your favorite, one where all the pieces shown are moments from your wedding.

Thinking about an awesome experience is fundamental. This way you can get in touch with your wedding through the photos and not just once in a flash. You have to go beyond and let the mind and the eye wander, placing importance in the aesthetics and finding surprises that not even your imagination could have provided.

For nice suits and fancy dresses worn by top models no one would ask for the speed of a McDonald’s or an H&M

Same happens with your wedding photos.

That’s why we shouldn’t write an end to the story, but rather make it transcend through images of your wedding moments and all those little details that, though you might have missed, will always be there in one photo.

Understanding the image before just having it…

And no, it’s really not about the immediate delivery, but about giving it it’s worth and space to all that time spent shaping up your wedding. Now it’ll be tangible (and we’ll make a stop at the topic of prints soon, hold on) in an image and you can show it to your parents, your kids, grandkids, great grandkids and the whole world. This changes the whole deal. Sometimes the wait is worth it, and in this matter? Oof, it truly is.

How much time is right? Well, there’s a million answers here. In my case, for example, I work alone. So I don’t have this huge army of people with whom I share my process, that’s why I deliver 6 to 8 weeks after the wedding.

It’s just me because I like to have a more meaningful connection with the couple, I like to give them something more than just al album with their photos and that’s it… I like to be part of that story through my vision and camera. I’m like that tailor that spends as much time as necessary until that suit is perfect from head to toes so that when you walk out in front of that mirror you can say: “Fuck yeah! It rocks, I’ll wear this every day.”

The formula isn’t written down because each wedding is different and each couple is unique. That’s why the process is artisanal… Custom made.

I like the fact that your photos are a process and not just an ending. The surprises, the separate deliveries and creating experiences is something that I look to design so that the emotion is not lost and, on the contrary, only grows stronger… As if you were getting married again (not that much, but almost). Looking for connections through the images is one of the coolest parts after the wedding. That’s also where the magic happens, even though there are no clicks happening.

In my mind every click counts and that’s why I like to mix in storytelling. It’s like opening up the door for you to come into my little world, not just so that you get to know me, but so that you can discover how each image is essential to reflect even more the essence of that day; so that you become participants in everything, how I felt, what was happening, what I saw and even what emotions were there … tell the story for each photo.

The deal is more or less the same that you’d experience in a museum. It’s not the same to take in the exhibition alone and at your own pace, than to explore it with a guide who not only shows you the works, but also tells you the whole deal of what happened behind each one of them. The experience is different and you manage to connect even more with what you’re seeing. You no longer just get the the “what a pretty painting”, but you understand it and observe it in a different way.

And no, my strength is not the 600 photos that I can give you an hour after the wedding (Ugh, the surprise would end there!), but the authorship that is given to that story with the images and the connection between them. The artisan process.

The first 6 to 8 weeks I transform them into brushstrokes of the great moments in your day so that later you’ll not only enjoy the entire work, but enjoy it as you never imagined! As simple as …

Exceeding expectations and showing how that wedding script that started in ideas is now a reality with photographs.

My philosophy is not to saturate, but to go slowly. Each delivery is designed to blow you away when you receive it, like when the amazing and delicious next course arrives at the table. The pauses are just like the sorbet that cleanses the palate and prepares it for what follows.

The idea is to fuck shit up.

 Now take note because the topic of topics has arrived …

 The blessed prints

Many say that the job is not finished until the photo is printed. All those images that you accumulate in your phone fade because you don’t see them every day. Sometimes you have to make the images transcend, even if it’s just by putting them on the fridge.

 Having a good physical photo, and more so if it is your wedding, is like having a reminder that time does pass, and that is why you have to

Focus on the here and value the now

 And the matter of printing is not the same as going to CVS with your USB stick or to Office Depot to have them delivered, because that would be the same as ending up at Zara buying the first shirt that you see only to use it once: they’re going to turn horrible in a very short time. Please, don’t!

 Just as a work of art is cared for in a museum, the same goes for wedding photos. The printing must be given its value so that the colors are correct and the materials make the image more beautiful. You can always ask your photographer for tips and recommendations of where to get it done, or even easier, so you can do it directly with him, because surely he will already have his trusted suppliers.

 The thing is a printed photo is a great generational investment…

 And of that there is no doubt. So you shouldn’t see it as an expense, but rather as the reason to see that your wedding was, is and will always be the fucking best.

 We’ll never be able to stop time, but we sure can make those meaningful moments hang around a little bit longer.

 So, before you ask: “When am I getting my photos?”, enjoy the experience of reliving your wedding through an awesome process planned from beginning to end for you and your partner.

 And the end of the day, it’s an event that should be told over and over again, don’t you think?