Love in the Noise
No. 2925

04. The characters and even the bloopers.

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    Everything counts in a movie script.

Get it in your head that the same happens at your wedding. The venue and even the weather have to show up in the photos. If it rains, let it rain! If it’s hot at hell, let’s see the cold ones and those drops of sweat; if you’re freezing, let’s catch that cozy vibe when you run off to grab a sweater. 

The eye must travel, even in tiny spaces… And even more so if it’s about coloring outside the lines to see what’ s beyond what you’ve already seen everywhere else.

Sure, you’ll want that one picture. The one you can’t go without. But let’s not get stuck on repeating the same ideas as every other weekend. Pretend that the visual result of that day will be set up in an art gallery, now think about the reactions that you’d like to have and what emotions you’d like to create in others. Easy as that!

If the formula is connecting the dots to see what shape comes out… Let’s just draw our own dots and create something fucking amazing. 

Mistakes count too, and they’re a part of your story. They’re that extra spice that any dish could use, the drop of salsa that truly makes that taco tasty.

Imagine all the laughs you’ll get when you see the server dropping the beers right on time for the cocktail hour, the baby trying to interrupt the ceremony with a good ol’ tantrum, or the amount of people with two left feet at the party.

A wedding isn’t really picture perfect.

On your wedding day 2+2 won’t equal 4. Nothing is set in stone, everything’s moving… And that’s where it’s at.


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