Love in the Noise
No. 2928

05. Telling the B Side

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    Because the fact that your photographer is the couple’s nape,

also involves looking for those moments when you look like a top model strutting into the church on you own (why on your own? Because you can and nothing will happen if you do); or suddenly catching the groom shirtless on the dance floor, busting some moves. Catching the groom fending off a bee, or the kid who decided to hide under the bride’s skirt.

There’s tiny things we sometimes forget while we’re busy thinking about the “obligatory photos”. If you’re keeping an eye on the clock, counting every minute until you need to put the camera down it’s more likely than not that you’ll miss the most special moments and end up with yet another wedding that looks like all the others. Fuck that!

Everyone thinks they’re a black sheep until it’s time to think about their wedding day. To create you have to take risks, and not everyone is up to that.

Sometimes you have to forget the main characters and look at that day like at Hopscotch and the endless possible ways to read it. Like that doctor that dares to try a Reiki workshop, or the one that’s pro-natural childbirths.

Constantly awaken your curiosity and hunger for a wider vision.


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