Love in the Noise
No. 260

Rachel + Geoff

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I always said that when I got married, Fer would be taking my pictures (even before I met my husband). He is effortlessly creative and I just adore all of his work. I just couldn’t imagine having anyone else. It had to be Fer. We flew him all the way from Mexico, I cannot express how grateful we are that he came all that way to our sacred place. Our elopement pictures are more than what we can describe in words.  He captured the true representation of who we are and our love for each other.  Using beautiful compositions and capturing every emotion shared he has given us the most wonderful tangible record of our special day.  He wasn’t just our photographer but our friend, he was discreet but always at hand and never had his camera away from his eye.  Such a trooper!  Thank you! We love you Fer!



thank you for believing in me. let's make magic together.

Thank you for thinking about me as you plan your big life, for believing in love, for clicking through, For thinking of me to transmit the possibility of following your dreams. For believing I can take pictures that Will make you think & feel at the same time. For thinking about trusting me, for even THINKING about trusting me.

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