Love in the Noise
No. 2930

06. Look for the present’s visual definition

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    Because capturing the moment will always be more important than embarrassment or the situation itself.

And no, it’s not about getting nosy or morbid, but rather an off-script way of getting that awesome photo you’d never have imagined on your wedding day.

 It’s about being more present than the present itself. Make that little second that’s now a part of your story transcend, that’s the visual legacy you’ll have.

Let’s open the doors that would be closed on our regular day-to-day.

For example: Walk in, camera in hand, to photograph the birth of your kids. Seeing beyond so that this memory and that tear or that smile become the photo that you’ll treasure like no other, even if you don’t know that yet.

To have unique photos technique matters, yes, but above all it’s about opening up and letting your trust in your photographer do the rest.

That’s the trick: letting go and creating.


thank you for believing in me. let's make magic together.

Thank you for thinking about me as you plan your big life, for believing in love, for clicking through, For thinking of me to transmit the possibility of following your dreams. For believing I can take pictures that Will make you think & feel at the same time. For thinking about trusting me, for even THINKING about trusting me.

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