Love in the Noise
No. 2919

01. Have an extra set of eyes

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    The Nick to your Jess, the Peralta to your Santiago. They’re the main characters…

But they’ll miss plenty of moments that day. What’s cool is that when you trust in your photographer that’s when the magic happens… There’s no way around it. 

Then end result is just like watching your movie, paying close attention and without pausing it. That’s when you realized the ability that exists to tell a story from someone else’s eyes, including yours.

One becomes the couple’s nape.



thank you for believing in me. let's make magic together.

Thank you for thinking about me as you plan your big life, for believing in love, for clicking through, For thinking of me to transmit the possibility of following your dreams. For believing I can take pictures that Will make you think & feel at the same time. For thinking about trusting me, for even THINKING about trusting me.

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