Love in the Noise
No. 2912

03. Ceremony

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    If it’s indoors, the best it to do it while on the dangerous hours

(like before) this is to not miss the…That’s right, HORIZONTAL lighting!  Sometimes it hurts to be stuck inside a church right when you could be making magic outside, even if everything will depend on your schedule for the day, it’s never wrong to take this into account. Now, if you are going to have your ceremony outside between 1 and 3pm then you must find some allies to soften the lighting or generate shadow. Spaced covered with fabric or tents are good idea, just like very big trees, the help guests not be dazzled by sun and end up with closed eyes on every photo.


thank you for believing in me. let's make magic together.

Thank you for thinking about me as you plan your big life, for believing in love, for clicking through, For thinking of me to transmit the possibility of following your dreams. For believing I can take pictures that Will make you think & feel at the same time. For thinking about trusting me, for even THINKING about trusting me.

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