During the time I’ve been into wedding photography, I’ve discovered a passion for capturing reality and raw moments.

In each experience, you learn, discover, and experiment. That’s why I want to establish a deal between us. Let me explore the essence of this moment with creative freedom and some craziness.

What I want to offer you is a poetic contract with artistic confidentiality.

Clauses of this contract:

– Do not expect the typical photograph

– No frigid smiles

– Have the disposition to reveal your essence

– Different proposals

– Mutual trust and confidentiality

– You don’t need to strike a pose (95% of the day)

– Concentrate on your feelings

Disclaimer: if this is not what you want, I can recommend you with a lot of good photographers with tons of experience.

I am inviting you to travel a different path, and therefore, unique. Maybe something unusual, but spontaneous and genuine; a visual heritage.

This is a contract and a call, to explore and be surprised. To feel the art of each soul, reflected in moments of truth.