I consider photography to be the constant search of individual and collective essence, and essence is found in every single moment. Not only in the triumphal kiss, or in a smile on a face full of makeup. It is also in the intimacy with your family, in an honest gaze, and through the magic in spontaneous situations. Man, I even get goosebumps.

Most of my favorite shots come from moments that are not the typical magazine cover or Wonder Woman’s portrait. These moments create images that tell your story, and that’s where true beauty lies. We want to remember our life, our story, and our essence. We all deserve handmade and beautiful artisanal work. Yes, with some poetic splinter and maybe even some smudged mascara. But, hey! Plenty of spontaneous laughs. If we ever meet, that’s what I’ll be capturing.

These moments show you the richness of art. The flavor that is impregnated in each story, and each person in it. We learn from our own tales, and it is from our own vision that we understand relationships, the world, and the person we love.

Let your memories bring back the magnetic impulse that made you fall in love.