Rachel & Oliver


Our Love

by Gary Clark Jr.

Ooh, It’s been one of those daysWhere things don’t go my wayOoh, and it seems like alwaysThe thing to blame is my ways
You’re the one I’m thinkin’ ofThe one I’m dreamin’ of
You are my ladyI am your manSome call it crazyBut they don’t understand
When I’m goneBaby, I’m always gone too longThat don’t get your mind to wonderin’If I still care, ’cause, baby, I still care
Ooh, you’re the one I’m thinkin’ of The one I’m dreamin’ of is you, uh
You are my ladyI am your manSome call it crazy, butThey don’t understand
Our love, baby, yeah
You are my ladyI am your man, yeahSome call it crazy, babyBut they don’t understand
This is our loveYeah, yeah, yeah, yeahThis is our loveYeah, yeah, yeahCome on, babyLet me be your manKeep it together now, babyThey don’t have to understand, yeah, yeah, yeahCome on, baby, yeahOur loveBaby, baby, baby, baby

with all my love,

Fer Juaristi