Lindsey & Michael


Plant this love poem

by Zen Mateo

Plant this love poem.
take my words,
warm and wet,
and bury them
in dark soil.

hopefully, faithfully,
for the first brave tendril
to find its way out

“darling,” it says
in cursive,
reaching up toward you
(the way i reach up toward you
when i want to be held)

place the pot
in indirect sunlight
go about your usual activities,
notice in a few days,
there are more now

more words sprouting
tremulous and certain
“i” and “love” and “you”
and “more” and “with”
and “every” and “breath”

feel a sense of pride –
you have nurtured
this love poem well so far

every day,
spend time near it.
the poem will
using the radiance
of your smile it will

grow taller,
adorn itself with
more leaves
and eventually
flowers such as

“you are so precious to me”
and “I will take care of you”
and “your kisses are like rain”
and “and your touch like carbon dioxide”

bright blossoms, tiny stars,
compact universe
on your windowsill — this is how i love you.

plant this love poem,
and it will grow.

with all my love,

Fer Juaristi