6 reasons to break the script

6 reasons to break the script on your wedding pics
6 reasons to break the script on your wedding pics

on your wedding pics

Whoever things that to photograph a wedding all you need is a single straight path and it’s done is pretty damn wrong. Formulas don’t exist, they’ve been left behind on the chalky blackboards or whiteboards (generation cap, what can you do?), in the boring voice of that math teacher who’d only repeat the ideas on that damned algebra book that, up to this day, still seems scary. That’s what happens when you think about formulas and well planned out steps: horror and destruction. Sorry, we love to go a bit overboard.

Your wedding pictures are a process and it turns out that the more you break the script, the cooler the visual heritage will be. You know what’s going on? Lots of #powercouples put their trust on Pinterest and on the damned “obligatory wedding pics” lists rather than placing it on their photographer. It might seem very practical (and it probably is), but having the best memories of that day does not go hand in hand with practicality, even less so with the simple click of a button or just carrying a camera around all day like a rockstar.

 There’s something more…

“To be your eyes, but attempting to capture your soul and not just the physical appearance”

The idea is to make you feel, not just capture how you look. Create a connection and trust. The secret is in breaking in away from what’s expected, and of course, you’ll never find that in something that already exists. 

The gamble is to create, to do so bravely and twist around wedding photography.

Of course to be brave you must also be rebels.

01. Have an extra set of eyes
02. Hands on
03. Details
04. The characters and even the bloopers.
05. Telling the B Side
06. Look for the present’s visual definition

01. Have an extra set of eyes

The Nick to your Jess, the Peralta to your Santiago. They’re the main characters…

But they’ll miss plenty of moments that day. What’s cool is that when you trust in your photographer that’s when the magic happens… There’s no way around it. 

Then end result is just like watching your movie, paying close attention and without pausing it. That’s when you realized the ability that exists to tell a story from someone else’s eyes, including yours.

One becomes the couple’s nape.


02. Hands on

You only see the end result,

The fully arranged song, melody and all, but you’re missing out on a great deal of the process. Have you eve given thought to all the people involved in setting up your wedding?

Detail photos are cute, the decorations can be the coolest, but capturing all the effort behind each event is priceless. Your florist and all their staff carefully placing the flowers one by one for those arrangements you chose, your wedding planner running up and down so that everything comes out perfectly, the caterers dealing with some chaos…

Breaking the script in your weddings photos is taking a look from various perspectives at all the work taking place amongst your dream team, and taking a closer look at how they gave it their all out make sure everything came out extra good.

03. Details

Specially with the whole wedding dress and rings thing…

Surely you’ll want to remember all those details, but ugh at doing so with photos that look like they came right out of some old catalogue! No way, Jose.

The human story behind the fairytale is that needs to be told.

04. The characters and even the bloopers.

Everything counts in a movie script.

Get it in your head that the same happens at your wedding. The venue and even the weather have to show up in the photos. If it rains, let it rain! If it’s hot at hell, let’s see the cold ones and those drops of sweat; if you’re freezing, let’s catch that cozy vibe when you run off to grab a sweater. 

The eye must travel, even in tiny spaces… And even more so if it’s about coloring outside the lines to see what’ s beyond what you’ve already seen everywhere else.

Sure, you’ll want that one picture. The one you can’t go without. But let’s not get stuck on repeating the same ideas as every other weekend. Pretend that the visual result of that day will be set up in an art gallery, now think about the reactions that you’d like to have and what emotions you’d like to create in others. Easy as that!

If the formula is connecting the dots to see what shape comes out… Let’s just draw our own dots and create something fucking amazing. 

Mistakes count too, and they’re a part of your story. They’re that extra spice that any dish could use, the drop of salsa that truly makes that taco tasty.

Imagine all the laughs you’ll get when you see the server dropping the beers right on time for the cocktail hour, the baby trying to interrupt the ceremony with a good ol’ tantrum, or the amount of people with two left feet at the party.

A wedding isn’t really picture perfect.

On your wedding day 2+2 won’t equal 4. Nothing is set in stone, everything’s moving… And that’s where it’s at.

05. Telling the B Side

Because the fact that your photographer is the couple’s nape,

also involves looking for those moments when you look like a top model strutting into the church on you own (why on your own? Because you can and nothing will happen if you do); or suddenly catching the groom shirtless on the dance floor, busting some moves. Catching the groom fending off a bee, or the kid who decided to hide under the bride’s skirt.

There’s tiny things we sometimes forget while we’re busy thinking about the “obligatory photos”. If you’re keeping an eye on the clock, counting every minute until you need to put the camera down it’s more likely than not that you’ll miss the most special moments and end up with yet another wedding that looks like all the others. Fuck that!

Everyone thinks they’re a black sheep until it’s time to think about their wedding day. To create you have to take risks, and not everyone is up to that.

Sometimes you have to forget the main characters and look at that day like at Hopscotch and the endless possible ways to read it. Like that doctor that dares to try a Reiki workshop, or the one that’s pro-natural childbirths.

Constantly awaken your curiosity and hunger for a wider vision.

06. Look for the present’s visual definition

Because capturing the moment will always be more important than embarrassment or the situation itself.

And no, it’s not about getting nosy or morbid, but rather an off-script way of getting that awesome photo you’d never have imagined on your wedding day.

 It’s about being more present than the present itself. Make that little second that’s now a part of your story transcend, that’s the visual legacy you’ll have.

Let’s open the doors that would be closed on our regular day-to-day.

For example: Walk in, camera in hand, to photograph the birth of your kids. Seeing beyond so that this memory and that tear or that smile become the photo that you’ll treasure like no other, even if you don’t know that yet.

To have unique photos technique matters, yes, but above all it’s about opening up and letting your trust in your photographer do the rest.

That’s the trick: letting go and creating.

What can you do so that the flow on your wedding photos rocks?

  • 01

    Honesty is key

    Understanding your photographer’s vision and joining in as part of the team.

  • 02

    Take a look at full weddings

    But seriously take a look at them. Check the vibe of the photos, the reactions, the emotions. Really dive into it because…

  • 03

    Be real

    If you just don’t feel identified with the work you see then speak up. You’re very likely to end up with an awesome recommendation of who could take your photos.

  • 04

    Feed your point of view

    And don’t be afraid of your photographer’s vision. They can be the typewriter machine in the unplugged version of “Nunca” by Zoé… And if you haven’t heard that one you’ve got homework to do now.

  • 05

    Don’t obsess over weddings

    There’s a life beyond what you see on the screen. Make the most out of everything around you so that then you can…

  • 06

    Creative process

    See your wedding as a creative process. Feed it with interesting things, trip out with what other artists or creative are doing because…

When there’s influence from fucking amazing things you’ve got an advantage. 

If you want to step away from traditional think that the couple are now the scriptwriters, looking for the director who’ll best tell their story. That visual language is the way to express yourself, so you gotta make it honest and unique.

Let’s be emboldened into creating a kick-ass wedding. What’s it gonna be?

Are you in or not?

Let's do magic together