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Samara + Chris

Category: Weddings

A fragment of Christopher’s Granpa Speech:

“There  are  a  few  things   I might  do a little differently if I was to relive those 65 years:

I would  try  to become the best dancer possible.

I would take my wife  dancing  at every possible opportunity .

I should point out that…..

As fascinating as it might be to  know…….…Husbands  don’t  necessarily  have to fully understand why  their wives enjoy dancing as much as they do…..they just have to make it happen as often as possible….or at least give in gracefully..

We would spend more vacations in the Caribbean…..

We  would  have  more Prime Rib and Lobster…….. and  less Pasta or Hamburger helper.

I  would  take  time to enjoy  more  of  the simple things in life……. and  pick more daises.

I might act a little more impulsively at times…….. and  maybe  ride a few more merry go rounds..

I  would  buy  even   more  red roses than I did.

I would  never underestimate  the  power  of  a  single  rose  for  those special moments.”